So... Freaky Dream...
by AJHunter

The following was written at 4 in the morning, after I woke up from the dream described. I don't feel like correcting any spelling or grammar issues.



Strange dream... surreal nightmare
Some friends (I'm assuming. I didn't recognize them) and I, wen't into this house. in the foyer, we stopped and looked around with the candle (yes, candle; and apparently the house was haunted and we knew it). The light falls on this shadow with nothing to cast it. we almost overlook it, but look back in time to see it materialize into some evil-looking floating monkey. it splits into two floating monkeys, both just as evil as the one, and the floor opens like a mouth. we fall in. one of the monkeys prances around the pit, and the other says something I don't remember. maybe he never said it, maybe we never understood it. the monkeys merge back into the one, screeching. somehow, I'm not in the pit anymore, and it has closed up. I'm alone.
I wake up.
Thinking about it now... the goup of ffriends was the same group from some much older dreams: The Tower, and Morning. what do the recurring characters mean? why are they always in dreams involving hauntings? why do I always end up alone by the end of the dream?
I'll probably post about The Tower and Morning at some later date. Or maybe later today. I don't know.


So Yeah... Updates...
by AJHunter

You probably noticed the two updates I made today... You may have noticed that one of them is coppied over from /radio... You may have tried to confirm this theory...


So, yeah... /radio is no more because I never updated it... In fact, I'm going to merge /radio's lack of updates with HFJ's slightly less lack of updates for a total of slightly more updates.


Woo, vague math!

1-car pileup
by AJHunter

So, yeah... New comic...

I just wanna say thanks to /radio in

So... Thanks.